16 best sex technical offers for Valentine’s Day: vibrators, suction toys, plugs and more

All right, yes, Valentine’s Day The day is not for a few weeks. But keep in mind that delivery times are a bit unreliable right now, and if you want to get something for yourself or your significant other, you should probably place this order soon.

Fortunately, most of our favorite sex retailers have already started their Valentine’s Day sales, so not only will you have many toys and technologies to choose from, but there are some great deals. We searched the real forest of V-Day deals and found the absolute best for sex technology, toys, lubricants and gift sets – many of which we included in our review of Best Sex Techniques for Every Body.

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Deals for vibrators

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Photo: Mysteryvibe

The Lelo’s Lily 2 vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris, but in our experience it acts on various genitals and erogenous zones. With the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand, with easy-to-reach (and see) buttons, this is a great choice for anyone looking for something that is just as much fun to use with a partner as it is on its own.

We said it once and we will say it again: MysteryVibe’s Crescendo is one of our favorite vibrators of all time. It is flexible so you can bend it to different positions (the guide includes some useful examples) and has six internal motors, all of which can be activated independently via the included customization app. The built-in intensity modes and models are great, but once you get to customizing individual engines, you can really begin to understand why this toy is an absolute joy for anyone who can use it, regardless of your genitals.

MysteryVibe’s Poco is like a smaller version of Crescendo. This is a receptivity to the classic bullet atmosphere, but a little bigger. Still small enough to fit comfortably in your hand and stored discreetly, but longer enough to bend and fold like its older brother, the Crescendo. Flexibility is a pleasant touch and makes it a great toy for phalluses or vulvae.

We-Vibe Sync is a partner vibrator designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is U-shaped and designed so that the outer part rests against the clitoris while the inner part presses on the G-spot. For partner play, this is a fun choice, providing vibration to both partners during penetrating sex (whether with a toy, phallus or fingers).

Another perception of the classic atmosphere of bullets, We-Vibe’s Touch is a small vibrator with a silicone body and a comfortable ergonomic shape. The shape is the real star here, you can keep it in different ways for solo or partner play, and its shape is suitable for use with the phallus, clitoris or other erogenous zone.

Offers for prostate sticks and stimulants

lelo hugo

Photo: Lelo

Hugo is one of our best choices for anal play and prostate stimulation. It fits snugly to the prostate, provides deep, lush vibrations, and best of all, it’s remote-controlled. Remote control toys are a a lot fun to use with partners, and this remote control is actually motion-sensitive, so instead of pressing buttons to control the toy, all you have to do is tilt it until you find the right angle.

Billy is essentially the Hugo plug, but without the remote control. So it’s still a great anal toy, perfect in size to lean against most people’s prostate. It’s a little big if you’re out of practice, so definitely warm up before jumping deep with Billy or Hugo.

This vibrating stopper has a trick up its sleeve: it generates heat. Comfortable and safe amount of heat, but a fun addition to an otherwise great vibrating anal plug. It is angled to rest on most people’s prostate and is quite small, so it is suitable for beginners. The vibration is a bit weaker than the other plugs on this list, but it feels pretty great and adding a heating element is a fun feeling to experiment with.

Suggestions for suction toys and strollers

Laura savages kisses

Photo: Laura DiCarlo

Lelo’s Sona is one of the original suction stimulants. It uses air impulses to simulate the gentle sucking of oral sex, and although it has been on the market for a long time, it is still as good as the new children on the block. If you or a partner have a clitoris and have never tried one, this toy is a great choice.

Sila is another suction toy, but in a slightly different form factor. Narrow and snail-like, Sila is easy to grasp and fits well in the clitoris. It has a larger mouth than Sila, with a larger silicone cup around the mouth and this can give you more diffuse stimulation. Great for people who find direct clitoral stimulation a little intense, or people who like to engage the vulva more during sex.

The Baci suction toy by Lora DiCarlo is one of the best in its class. We tested dozens of suction / air pulse toys and Baci is something of a gold standard. It can be a little intense, even at its lowest intensity, but the suction it provides is amazing for anyone with a clitoris.

Tenga’s arrows are our favorites, of course. This ultra-smooth phallus toy has some internal structure to add another layer of stimulation, but its best feature is its extremely realistic soft-touch silicone. Combined with a good water-based lubricant, Tenga’s Spinner is an absolute pleasure to use alone or with a partner.

Package offers and accessories

Lady Pom

Photo: Lady

This gift set includes one of our favorite vibrators of all time, Dame Pom, along with arousal serum and a bottle of water-based lubricant. The arousal serum gives you something like tingling, which can be a fun way to spice things up, and the lubricant is great to have on hand. However, when they are all paired with Pom, well, you or you and your partner are looking forward to an exciting Valentine’s Day.

Maud makes great sex toys and even better lubricants and accessories. This Maude product package includes a large bottle of our favorite lubricant of all time, several cleaning wipes and a vibrator. Maude’s Vibe is a super soft, affordable vibrator for outdoor or semi-indoor use (though not sharp enough for anal use, so definitely don’t use it there) and provides a rich roar of vibration. This is a great way to start any collection of sex toys and is a great gift. Maude’s Essentials package is the same price, but replaces condom wipes.

Although this is a pretty small discount, it’s still worth it and here’s why: You need to have lubricant. If you are an adult who has sex, you must have and use a lubricant, with a partner or alone! Lube is an easy way to elevate any sexual experience. It’s kind of like toothpaste: it’s a staple. You have to have it on hand. Even a small discount on toothpaste is a good deal and I would say it is the same for lubricant. Plus, Lelo’s premium lubricant is silky smooth and long-lasting and leaves no sticky residue behind.

Speaking of lubricants, if you have and use sex toys on the reg., You should invest in a specially formulated detergent for these toys. Just rinse each toy, spray with this cleaner and one more rinse and it’s ready.

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