‘Going on a date’ Final Release Date Announced by Marcus Lane

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 17, 2022 (vivaguides.com)– Marcus is an artist who rhythmically brags about his gains from hustling in the street and how that has made him wealthy. He’s also fixed up a lot of problems for himself, too. Marcus originally took the song off music platforms because he wanted to understand more about being a noteworthy ‘do-it-himself’ entrepreneur before releasing any songs but fortunately, he will be back on all platforms on March 23rd 2022!

Marcus Lane is known for his magical voice, stamina and dedication to continue practicing. His reliability and flexibility has helped him grow, Marcus is always on top of his music career, and consistently raising the bar for himself always. On his music single “going on a date,” Marcus coaches women to self-confidence for the first date by reminding them what makes them perfect and telling them not to worry about how they look. The song is full of easygoing lounge vibes with sensual beats set up in such a way so it could act as some music for an intimate evening together. He narrates how women chooses lingerie, mascara, or any other step all women go through before their first date; this scene feels like it was created with every female’s experience in mind: nostalgic, yet refreshing at the same time! In short there are no words that can describe Marcus Lane properly: His professionalism combined with lessons learned from legends help create original sounds which serve both old school and new school listeners equally well.”

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