Now is the time to update your recovery email addresses

Click Recovery email to make sure this particular information is up-to-date, you can change it if it isn’t. Make sure it’s not your primary Gmail address, but the one you use regularly. Before a recovery email address is added, a verification code will be sent to prove that you have access.


You can check your Microsoft account settings by going online here. Everything from your current app subscriptions to people in your family group can be managed from this screen, so it’s worth checking out if you regularly use a Microsoft account with Windows, Office, Xbox, or something else.

On the Home screen, you’ll see a list of all the devices you’re currently signed in to with your Microsoft account, and you can sign out of any of these devices if necessary. Follow Security connection and beyond Security board to access any security option associated with your Microsoft account – the option we want is Advanced security options.

Edit the backup email address for a Microsoft account.

Microsoft through David Nild

At the top of the next screen, you can turn authentication on or off in two steps – we recommend that you leave it on. Just below this are the options that Microsoft uses to prove that you are who you say you are (if you accidentally lose access to your account, for example). These options include your recovery email address.

Click Send code by email title to view or edit the e-mail address that Microsoft uses as a backup, which must be different from your primary Outlook e-mail address. You can also include Receive signals switch to receive notifications at this address each time your Microsoft account is accessed on a new device, and add a cell number as an additional way to return to a locked account.

Other accounts

Of course, we can’t take you through the process of verifying your recovery email address and other details for each individual digital account you will have access to, but these settings shouldn’t be too difficult to find – dig into security options for each of your accounts and they will probably be displayed quite prominently.

In the case of an Amazon account, for example, if you choose Account and lists from the top banner of the website and then select Your account, you can choose Entrance and security to view all relevant details: It is possible to provide both an email address and a mobile phone number to use as confirmation forms if required.

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