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Head to Controllers and you can change the behavior of the DualSense wireless controller in various ways. You can, for example, set custom button assignments – so the left trigger can become the right trigger, or whatever you need for easier gameplay. You can also swap the functionality of the controller’s left and right sticks, as well as adjust press and hold delay, vibration intensity, and trigger effect intensity. Check it out Accessories from Settings for more options.

You can remap the controller buttons to make them easier to use.

Sony via David Nield

Closed Captions is where you can turn on closed captions for videos – you get full control over the caption style, everything from font style to size to text opacity. When and where these closed captions appear depends on the apps you’re using and whether the content you’re watching supports subtitles, but this setting should be enough to enable closed captions wherever they’re available.

finally, Chat transcription converts voice chat from other players into text so you can read what other players are saying instead of listening to it. Again, support for this depends on the specific game you’re playing. What’s more, you can use a connected keyboard to type your own chats, which are then converted to audio for the people you’re playing with.

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S

On the Xbox side, launch Settings from the Xbox home screen (it’s the gear icon in the upper right corner), then select Accessibility. On the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, there are nine different sections to work through, including Night mode: This dims the screen at night so it’s easier on your eyes, and you can activate it manually or on a set schedule.

Open up Narrator and you can have text, buttons and other elements on the screen read to you – related options let you choose voice speed, pitch, volume and style. Note that Narrator works best if you have a keyboard connected. There is also Transcription of games and chatswhich you can use to convert voice messages from other players to text, while having your own typed messages converted to audio if needed.

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