UK to allow Ukrainians easier entry after outcry | Russia-Ukraine war News

Ukrainians will be able to complete visa process in the UK rather than wait abroad after government reversal.

The United Kingdom will next week streamline a system to allow Ukrainians to enter the country, its interior minister has said, after an outcry over a requirement for people fleeing Russia’s invasion to get biometric tests before being allowed in.

The Conservative government has repeatedly said it is being “generous” to Ukrainians who want to come to the UK by offering two routes, but critics have said ministers are prioritizing bureaucracy over the welfare of those fleeing war.

“From Tuesday, I can announce that Ukrainians with passports will no longer need to go to a Visa Application Center to give their biometrics before they come to the UK,” Home Secretary Priti Patel told parliament on Thursday.

“Instead, once their application has been considered and appropriate checks completed, they will receive direct notification that they are eligible for the scheme and can come to the UK,” she said. The change in policy came on the advice of the security and intelligence services, Patel added.

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel speaking at a Conservative party conference in Manchester
The UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel has come under fire for the UK government’s response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis [Toby Melville/Reuters]

“In short, Ukrainians with passports will be able to get permission to come here fully online from wherever they are and will be able to get biometrics once in Britain.”

While households across Europe have taken in Ukrainian families forced to flee their homes, the UK has demanded they secure a visa first, with some refugees in the French port city of Calais being told to go to Paris or Brussels to apply.

The right-wing Daily Mail newspaper said the “shambolic” visa system required refugees to produce paperwork showing they had been living in Ukraine before January 1, and to have birth or marriage certificates to show links to Ukrainians living in the UK.

As a result, the UK has accepted far fewer Ukrainians than the likes of France and Germany, or Ukraine’s nearest neighbors, which have waived the need for visas.

By Wednesday, the UK had granted more than 950 visas to Ukrainians since the start of the war. By comparison, Poland, a neighbor of Ukraine, has taken in more than 1.2 million Ukrainians. Ireland has accepted 2,500.

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