14 Valentine’s Day Deals: Smartwatches, Weighted Blankets, Digital Frames

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be stressful. We recently wrote about some fun ways to spend the day together, but if you do want to buy your partner a gift, you don’t have to go the traditional route. We found discounts on some of our favorite products that would make great gifts for the right person. If you’re looking for something more intimate, we recently rounded up the best deals on sex toys, and some of those are still live.

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Smart Home and Tech Deals


Photograph: Amazon

Aura digital frames are often discounted at this price, but they make great gifts for any holiday. If you don’t live with your partner, it’s a nice way to share photos from anywhere. If you do live together, you can display all your memories without revisiting the tacky digital frames of yesteryear. The brand’s other frames are discounted as well, if one of those suits your partner’s style more: the Mason is $ 179 ($ 20 off) and Buddy (designed for pet lovers) is $ 169 ($ 10 off).

Books are wonderful gifts, but it can be hard to choose just what your partner will like. And though we love physical books, Kindles are great little gadgets. We’ve seen this basic Kindle hit $ 50, but this is still a decent price. If you think your loved ones would appreciate waterproofing and advanced lighting options, the newest Paperwhite is discounted to $ 110 ($ 30 off), and the Signature Edition is $ 145 ($ 45 off) with wireless charging and auto-adjustable lighting.

Apple Watch Series 7

Photograph: Apple

You can get your partner a traditional analog watch or you can gift them the newest Apple Watch (8/10, WIRED Recommends) at the lowest price we’ve seen yet. If they have an iPhone, they can track fitness metrics, respond to notifications, and make payments with Apple Pay. It comes in various colors and strap choices and is an elegant and smart wearable for their wrist. Read our Best Smartwatch guide for more options.

Does your partner love asking a voice assistant to pull up videos or answer questions quickly? The Echo Show 8 is on sale and makes reading recipes in the kitchen easier and video chatting with friends more convenient. It doesn’t swivel like the flashy 10-inch Show ($ 250), but it does keep you centered in frame during video calls if you’re not roaming too much. And you can cover the shutter when you aren’t using it.

We didn’t want to love this smart display from a not-so-great social media company, but it made time away from the family more bearable. Its Story Time and panning features kept senior associate editor Adrienne So’s kids entertained and in frame while they chatted with faraway grandparents. It would also work for you and your partner if you’re long-distance. We’ve seen the price on the 2019 Portal fluctuate on Amazon recently, but it’s hovered around $ 100 from other stores.

Weighted Blanket Deals

Baloo Weighted Throw

Photograph: Baloo

I can hardly sleep without a weighted blanket, but my partner doesn’t like the way they feel. If you’re also a house divided, consider this throw size. Your partner can cover just themselves, without annoying you or crushing bed-sharing pets. This one from Baloo is machine washable and dries quickly in the dryer. For its size, 12 pounds feels sufficiently weighty.

If both of you love cuddling under a weighted blanket, Layla’s is one of our favorites for two. It has a soft, fuzzy side and a cooler cotton side, and it comes in 15-, 20-, and 25-pound weights. The $ 110 price is for the 20-pounder, but all are currently discounted.

Hug Sleep Sleep Pod

Photograph: Brian Mundt / Hug Sleep

This discount is applied in your cart. This human-body-sized sock looks weird, but I slept like a peaceful, swaddled baby. If you don’t live with your partner, it’s like being hugged without the body heat or breathing in your ear. If they need their feet out to be comfortable, the Sleep Pod Move is discounted to $ 80 ($ 20 off).

Yes, even robes are weighted these days. This plush one from Gravity has a removable 3-pound pack in the collar for relaxing your shoulders after a long day or as you check your morning emails.

Plant Deals

Photograph: Bloomberg Creative Photos / Getty Images

Flowers are a common Valentine’s Day gift, but if you’ve ever seen pictures of mail-order bouquet disasters, you may have thought twice about sending them to a long-distance love. I haven’t personally used the service to send flowers, but I did receive a bouquet and was shocked at how nicely it was packaged and how long it lasted. All the company’s arrangements are discounted right now. Just remember to enter code LASTCALL at checkout.

If they prefer greenery over flowers (let’s be honest, potted plants last a lot longer), The Sill has great offerings. This bundle includes a Coffee Plant that thrives in the sun and a ZZ Plant that can tolerate all lighting. A few other plants are discounted now too.

More Deals

Halara Everyday Dress

Photograph: Halara

This is one of our favorite TikTok viral products. It’s soft and stretchy, so your partner can do everyday chores and errands comfortably. The only thing WIRED senior web producer Pia Ceres didn’t like is that the straps aren’t adjustable. Thankfully, there is now a version with adjustable straps, but it’s not discounted.

We tried and loved the circular mini waffle maker from Dash that is making the rounds on TikTok. That one isn’t currently on sale, but this cute heart-shaped version will remind your partner where your head is every morning (focused on love, of course!). WIRED writer Brenda Stolyar used hers to make regular waffles, cinnamon roll waffles, and “chaffles” made of eggs and shredded cheese.

Trade Coffee is one of our favorite coffee subscriptions for those who like variety in their cup of Joe. This Valentine’s Day special gives you the option to email your giftee a voucher or print it and put it in a card so they can personalize their subscription. There are discounts on the 6-, 9-, 12-, and 24-bag options.

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