Highlights of CES 2022: 83 glimpses of the future from the big technology show: electric cars, computers, smart home

Keep in mind that the total power is 100 watts – if you turn on several devices, this power will be shared between these devices, but this should be enough to recharge most laptops, smartphones and tablets at fast charging speeds. It has a plug that folds, costs $ 79 and goes on sale in March.

If you want to upgrade your webcam experience, Anker will cover you with its AnkerWork B600 video tape. It can sit on top of your monitor or TV and (importantly) have a lid to physically block the camera when not in use. However, this is not just a webcam – it has a built-in microphone, speaker and even a video lamp to illuminate your face during these late night Zoom calls. (The webcam has a slider that you can use to adjust the light settings, but you can also use an app to adjust the color temperature and brightness.)

Anker claims that its VoiceRadar technology can make your voice clear even in noisy environments, and the 2K resolution and image quality of 30 frames per second should also make you look good. You can adjust the field of view manually or let Anker’s artificially intelligent algorithms know when to zoom in or out and keep you in the frame. The camera costs $ 220 and launches on January 25. “Julian Chockatu.”

TP-Link introduces Tapo Line in the United States

Photo: TP-Link

In addition to the new routers that TP-Link unveiled this week, the company also announced that it is introducing its Tapo smart home products in the United States. The Tapo line will include four security cameras, including a 2K C220 Pan and Tilt camera with a lens that can be physically hidden behind the shutter when you want privacy – a feature I love in any smart home camera. There will also be a floodlight camera and two other outdoor cameras, one cable and one battery powered.

Fortunately, Tapo’s products will have two-way authentication at launch, and Kasa-branded products (also owned by TP-Link) will also receive this, according to the company. The Tapo line also includes other smart products such as plugs, lighting options, sensors and a smart hub. “Medea Giordano.”

Tracking the Metauniverse at CES


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Lenovo upgrades ThinkPads with better webcams, new chips

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 line.

Photo: Lenovo

Lenovo has updated its ThinkPad X1 line. Three models – Carbon, Yoga and Nano – all receive new 12th generation Intel chips, as well as RAM and memory upgrades. I’m especially excited to see that there are also improved Full HD webcams. As much as I like ThinkPads, the webcams of previous models were seriously missing in today’s world. We hope that these new cameras, which have much larger sensors, will be a big step forward. Yoga and Carbon will also be available with OLED displays, 4K for Yoga and 2.8K for Carbon. The Nano, which was my favorite laptop I tested last year, unfortunately doesn’t get OLED. –Scott Gilbertson

Enzymes and stews for Panasonic 7 in 1 oven


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Compact oven Panasonic HomeChef 7 in 1

There is an endless list of countertops that promise convenient cooking. Panasonic debuted with its latest contender today and it’s a microwave. The compact HomeChef 7-in-1 oven can seemingly do everything from steaming to convection baking to disinfection. It can also ferment and stew, as well as fry in the air, which means that this widget can theoretically replace several kitchen worktops. The machine has 18 preset feeding options and only one four-button control system. It is difficult to find an appliance that allows both baking bread and making soup, and even more difficult to find an appliance that performs both tasks. We’ll see if it can come in April when it comes out for an $ 500 MSRP. –Lurin Stramp

Panasonic has partnered with Steam for compact VR glasses

Panasonic MeganeX.

Photo: Panasonic

VR is definitely in its awkward teenage phase. In the last few months, we’ve seen manufacturers annoying bent versions of VR headphones (Project Cambria), wellness-focused glasses, and even a 12K stand-alone box for your face. They are trying everything to make VR happen. Panasonic is the latest to join the VR crowd with an extremely lightweight set of Micro LED VR goggles. Called the MeganeX, the headphones weigh just 8.8 ounces and each eye has a Micro LED display with a higher resolution than the Oculus Quest 2 headphones.

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